Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Fashion & Flashbacks

Looking at Glamour magazine this evening, I saw that biker jackets are in for fall. Not that they ever go out of style. They are basically a classic, whether you are a motorcycle mama or not. I bought a black, "pleather" one in the 90s that everyone thought was so cool. I wore it with everything, even a vintage 60s, plaid wool mini dress. I paid $50 for it and walked out of the mall feeling sorry for myself, because I only had enough money to buy that one item. While walking back to my car, I passed a homeless woman asleep on the sidewalk. Children were yelling things like "Eew" and "Yuck" at her, but the woman seemed to be out cold and didn't hear them (I hope). I immediately realized how spoiled I was in my self-pity and changed my attitude to gratitude. God works like that. No coincidences there! I put a $5 bill in her hand and hoped she would hold onto it until she woke up. Obviously, I never forgot her.

The last time I wore the black pleather jacket was to hear a live band when I lived in Columbus. I left it at the club, and by the time I realized it and called the place, it was nowhere to be found. I grieved. I also had an awesome, butterscotch suede biker jacket that was one of my favorite vintage pieces. I still have it, in the attic. I "outgrew" it, so to speak.

So looking at Glamour and seeing some affordable choices, I thought, hey, maybe I'll get another biker jacket! It's so easy to be lured into a mild panic--Fall is coming! Am I prepared?!--that you don't stop to think, "Is this trend really 'me'?" I also saw that argyle (incidentally my husband's favorite "color") is back in style. Not that it ever goes out, being a classic... Didn't we cover this with the biker jackets? My first day of high school, I wore a new outfit--a grey wool argyle sweater and grey corduroys. Oh, and my penny loafers, of course! Also saw pics of those in the fashion forecast. It was still technically summer, like it is now, and I was uncomfortable all day. But in style!

And once again, for what seems like the 100th time since I've been conscious of fashion, the mod 60s look with boxy, color blocked dresses, mini skirts, and jackets are all the rage, complete with go-go boots. I used to wear go-go boots out dancing in my single days, zipping my driver's license and money into them so I didn't have to carry a purse. I was once thanked at a night club by a young man who appreciated the unzipping of my boot! My mod clothing was, of course, vintage--the real thing. My boots were new, shiny black vinyl.

Another often-repeated trend: western. Cowboy, prairie girl, American Indian. You know the drill. I do have some Native jewelry, which coincidentally I wore today, not even aware of being right in style! Ah, now we're on to something. I wore my Zuni animal fetish, beaded necklace and similar earrings because I FELT LIKE IT. Not because some fashion editor told me it was not only okay, but necessary. 

I do wish the butterscotch biker jacket still fit. I would wear it. But fringe? Maybe the flapper kind on a belly dance costume. And argyle? I really haven't been preppy since the 80s. And penny loafers are Mom shoes. Seriously. When you really are a mom, the worst thing you can wear is a trend like penny loafers, along the same line as mom jeans. I actually saw bandanas tied around the neck in Teen Vogue and remembered actually doing that over 20 years ago. It scared me.

Every so often I like a look in a magazine, and I add a new piece or two to my wardrobe. But ONLY if the look works with my figure, my style, and my life. And, I hate to admit, it must be reasonably comfortable! When it comes to fashion, there really is nothing new under the sun. And you can never, ever buy style.

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