Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On Synchronicity and Unschooling

"There are no coincidences." This is what a homeschooling friend of mine said when I was trying to figure out how I suddenly became interested in unschooling and how I randomly came across Astra Taylor's youtube video. Today that friend's daughter showed up unexpectedly at my house. I might have expected her, since Tuesdays are our set day to have her come over in the afternoons, and my intention has been to teach her and Beezy belly dancing. We have indeed done a couple of lessons. But last week this friend was sick, and I have been in pain from throwing my back out and did not plan to teach the girls belly dance today.

I did plan to get back to Beezy's homeschooling studies, but once again some other plan seems to be at work, a certain heavenly Providence. I do think that she thrives on a certain degree of structure. A common refrain from her is, "Now what?" Sometimes I will suggest things for her to do, while other times I tell her to figure it out for herself. It seems that when our formal "school" time is done, she is just killing time until the public schooled kids get home and she can find someone to play with. This is one of the reasons unschooling appeals to me. While a certain amount of structure is beneficial, I want lesson times to be less compartmentalized from the rest of life. Some days there will not be anyone available to play with. At times I have to do things such as prepare meals, so I can't play with her. If her dad is at work or otherwise unavailable and there are no playmates on hand, Beezy needs to alleviate her own boredom. She needs to learn to be content in solitude, or to have some days that are just for our family to be together. We don't always have to be going somewhere or doing something. Even for a home educated child who does not have the distraction of television or homework to do and a limited number video games to play, our modern society still somehow delivers the message that we cannot, under any circumstances,  just be.

Yesterday school was closed for President's Day, and Beezy was invited to play at the home of a family friend. Today, as I mentioned, her homeschooling friend came over without my actively planning it, so once again we are not doing school, though we certainly could later on. My back injury has mysteriously coincided with the children having several days in a row off school and a bounty of time to spend with friends and cousins. I have been able to read and reflect about unschooling, to write and to dream. It seems to be a clear case of synchronicity, of God nudging me in a certain direction seemingly out of the blue and then giving me all of this time to sort it out. Divine Wisdom is allowing me to be physically unable to do much else but to pray, read, meditate, and journal. What a gift! I dare not ignore the message. Things are exactly as they are meant to be, in this moment, in this time. How different life would be to always live in God's time, seeking and following his will. I feel like I'm on the verge of the freedom and authenticity I have sought for years. But I know I can't make it all happen in one day, one week, one month, or one year. I have definitely turned a corner though, and I must trust that the Promised Land awaits!

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matt. 6:33)

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