Friday, March 22, 2013

German Homeschooling Family Seeks U.S. Asylum (and the new U.S. school curriculum disaster)

I was made aware of this case a couple of days ago. It goes to trial April 23. The Obama administration wants to deport an evangelical Christian German family, the Romeikes, that fled their country because homeschooling is not legal there. If they return to Germany, they face the possibility of steep fines, jail time, and their children being taken from them. They have been living in Tennessee since 2006 and were granted political asylum in 2010, which has since been overturned. This is a threat to all homeschoolers in the U.S. This is yet another attack on religious liberty by this administration. Readers, please share any additional information you may have on this critical issue.

This headline is also disturbing (

"A new curriculum for public schools across the United States will soon make it mandatory for at least 70 percent of all assigned books to be works of non-fiction, eliminating classic works that have influenced great thinkers for centuries"

That's it--our public schools are doomed. And how long before the administration tries to force this on homeschoolers and private schools as well? How do more dry, "informational" textbooks and the elimination of classic literature prepare children for college and for life? How much more boring can school get? Parents need to mutiny!! Take to the streets and protest! This crazy plan, called the Common Core Curriculum, is hopefully going to crash and burn fast, because the results will be even more illiteracy and a higher drop out rate. That's the only hope.  47 states have already signed onto this. God help the USA.

And this!  (

What on God's green earth?????? This is America? No wonder they don't want students reading books like Orwell's 1984...

"Students in Texas to be monitored with microchips"


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