Friday, May 24, 2013

More Wabi-Sabi Photos

Today I documented our organic gardening process with my camera, so I'll get those photos ready soon, along with some basic information for using the raised beds. In the meantime, here are some more wabi-sabi photos from my small town homestead. Enjoy!

The statue of Our Lady and the Child Jesus was handcrafted by a company online (don't remember the name offhand). It is attached to an upside down urn, as we get heavy winds in NW Ohio. The bird bath is from a garden center in Ft. Wayne, IN. The field stone came from our yard, which the previous owner used as natural garden borders. The empty pots now have something planted in them, which you will see in a future post.

This weathered bird feeder, from one of those home shows, hangs from the tree next to the brick patio where you see the statue and bird bath. This is a very popular stop for our feathered friends--a place to eat, drink, bathe, and rest...

 Bark worn off from much tree climbing!

fading lilacs

 Huge, rusted TV tower. Our home was built in 1908 of local field stone, with a terra cotta tile roof.

 Cool pattern left on the house after my husband tore out the poison oak. We all got the itchy rash, but at least I got a great picture!!

A bamboo wind chime from Dollar General, hung against the garage by Beezy.

 Next door neighbor's broken bird bath. She blamed our cat, but I don't believe it!!

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