Monday, September 26, 2011

Relaxed Homeschool Series, Day 2

A very sad day today. After Keystone Co-op, Beezy and I took a walk around the neighborhood to look for her missing kitten, Mittens. A sweet, fluffy striped kitten that we think was a girl, Mittens followed Beezy home while we were out walking our dog  three or four weeks ago. She came off someone's porch, but no one was home, and there was no response to the note I left in the mailbox. So we happily adopted her, although I am allergic to cats. She had to live outside, with a nice bed in the garage. She was well-fed, loved, and flourishing, and she usually stayed in our yard or nearby. It was unusual, then, that we couldn't find her last night. Today we did find her on the curb across the street, having evidently been hit by a car.

I couldn't bear to go actually look, so I sent my husband. Beezy and I did not want to see her, so he wrapped her up and buried her in the yard. David read Psalm 23 and said a prayer, and Beezy topped the grave with a couple of rocks from her collection. I told her we would plant flowers to come up in the spring. I realize I am grieving for both myself and my child, as well as the kitten and her suffering. We did have a bright spot in the day. Thankfully, a friend offered David a surplus of Concord grapes, so we drove out to the country in Bryan. Beezy got to meet 3 goats, a horse, and two dogs and chased after some Guinea hens. The sun was shining, and it took our minds off the tragedy at least a little.

I did manage to change the sheets on the bed, but otherwise no housework got done, and we didn't do any homeschooling after co-op. But thank goodness for co-op! Two moms told me they liked my blog this morning, so that made me feel really good and gave me something to cheer me when I thought about it later today. So many blessings in every day. My neighbor, who is a great friend, and her 3 boys came over to play this evening, so I had her support at the end of this tearful day.

Adieu for now, and pleasant dreams to all. It is getting dark earlier, which makes it easier to wind the day down. Tomorrow is another day, as Scarlet O'Hara said. I am going to take this month-long project through the end of October. That gives me an extra week, leaving room for days like today, when life happens despite our best plans. Good-bye, sweet Mittens!

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