Tuesday, September 27, 2011

R.H. Series, Day 3

Still sad about the loss of Mittens on this rainy day. I lit a Lady of Guadalupe candle in honor of our kitten, with a couple of her toys at its base. I think we need more ceremonies and rituals to mark events in our lives, great and small. Beezy wants to stay in her pajamas, and that sounds good to me. We are going to read in bed for awhile. She initiated an activity for herself already this morning, arranging her magnetic ABCs in order on the refrigerator, singing the song out loud to figure out what comes next. Just the encouragement I needed!

Last night before going to bed, I made a list of the things I want to accomplish today. I used to do that regularly. In fact, before I bought a proper lesson plan book, I used scraps of paper from the recycling bin to write out a list of homeschooling activities each day. I got out of the habit of making a "To Do" list. It is satisfying to cross things off, and you don't have to try to keep it in your head. If you are like me, you are likely not to remember something important if you don't write it down! So I am reinstituting the list. It is a good idea to write out upcoming events, activities, projects, errands--anything you want to get done--for the whole week. I also keep a wall calendar and check it regularly.

Today  I am catching up with laundry to get to the point of some semblance of control. From here on out I will do a load a day, including folding and putting away. It is not uncommon for me to have 3 baskets full of clean clothes sitting around for days! Dishes will be kept up daily (thank goodness for the dishwasher!). The plan then is to work on one room of the house at a time, including sweeping, dusting, and mopping as needed. Once the visible areas are finished, it will be on to the hidden areas--closets, drawers, cupboards, etc...

To stay sane, balanced, happy, and whole, I believe that every woman needs to have something just for her. I teach belly dancing classes and practice regularly at home. I was able to practice today while Beezy was playing with a neighbor friend. Some days I put in a video for her to watch, or have her do independent homeschool work. If her dad is home, he is in charge of her while I practice. This also gives me exercise! And I bought a Romantic Country magazine today to inspire me while I work on my house.

My intention is to practice Mindful Housekeeping. In some cultures, including our own, homemaking tasks are a sacred way of being in the moment, doing one thing at a time, with reverence. This attitude can transform drudgery into contentment. No multi-tasking! Beautifying one's home is an act of love. Make your home a sanctuary for you and all those who live in it! The key is in developing good habits. I have been in awe for many years of my friend Harriet. When we were single, for example, Harriet would make me dinner. Immediately after finishing, she would get up and wash all the dishes. Astonished, I asked her once, "Harriet, do you always do this?" She replied, "Well, I don't want to have to look at all this tomorrow." Harriet carried her habits on into marriage and motherhood. You can drop in on Harriet anytime, and her house will be clean and comfortable, though not white glove perfect. We must not be fanatical about this. People LIVE in their homes. That is the point.

So let us follow Harriet's Way together to a more satisfying style of living!!

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