Friday, April 13, 2012

Vitality Progress Report

How are we doing with our plan toward greater energy, health, and fitness? My new belly dance session started yesterday, so I am lucky to have the additional motivation of preparing to teach others. In fact, last week I had set my troupe a challenge to keep a practice log and do a belly dance workout 6 days a week. After only a few days, I did have more energy. But then Easter came, and the bunny brought me my own basket, and I got lazy. This can easily happen! So I want to encourage you right now to get immediately back on the bike if you fall off. You can always start over. After all, Scarlet O'Hara said, "Tomorrow is another day!"

So after I posted the vitality challenge here, I got my shimmy on again, even putting in a whole hour on Wednesday. I have still been eating Easter candy, but I took it out of the basket and put in in the cupboard so it wasn't in plain sight every time I walked through the dining room. I drank extra water after my morning coffee, and indeed it took care of the usual dehydration. Last night at class I could swear I already looked thinner! That is the power of the mind. Once you start on a program to improve your quality of life, you will instantly feel better and have an enhanced image of what you see in the mirror.

For the program to be effective, you have to do something you enjoy for exercise! If it is boring and you have to force yourself, it's the wrong thing. For instance, I do not like to run. I have no desire to run. So I would be crazy to make running my choice. This may seem obvious, but so many people have a gym membership they never use or a treadmill or elliptical machine sitting in their spare bedroom gathering dust. You know who you are...

Also, make sure you will not injure yourself. Personally, I don't think running is a good idea, especially on concrete, as so many people I know have suffered injuries. You can get the same benefits from walking, but you have to walk a greater distance. Get some help from a personal trainer so you are using equipment correctly. Wear the proper shoes. Warm up first, and don't forget your cooling down stretches. If you have been sedentary, don't overdo it. Increase the intensity of your workout gradually. Set yourself up for success! A yoga, pilates, belly dance or other class will also give you the opportunity to get out of the house and meet people. Zumba is popular, but again, if you are very out of shape, an hour long, high impact aerobic class will be too strenuous to start with.

And finally, I have decided not to weigh myself, and I encourage you not to either. Focusing on one's weight may have the result of adding more weight! My scale is not accurate, anyway. You will know by how your clothes fit if you are losing inches. But if you do want to weigh yourself, do so no more than once a week, and make sure it is on the same scale, first thing in the morning, each time, as weight can fluctuate throughout the day.

So is anyone with me? Take a moment to comment here on the blog or on Facebook and keep me posted!!

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