Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Malaise

My days have certainly lost their sense of flow lately. This past week I went to the doctor twice. Monday was for my sinus infection, which was a particularly nasty one, and I still have goopy drainage clogging my throat. I was down and out for a couple of days. Luckily my husband is home for the summer! Then my arm had a slight, itchy rash a couple of days later, which turned into an alarmingly large, thick, blistery area. Some sort of contact dermatitis, like poison ivy, with itching bad enough to interrupt my sleep. Add to those maladies a certain womanly nuisance also involving itching, and I've been quite a mess!

The intense heat and drought of the summer have been wearing on everyone, I think. Today is cooler, and it looks like it might possibly rain. My husband and I have been keeping the house picked up, and he got our monthly groceries from the health food co-op that comes in on a truck, so that is cheering. The refrigerator was looking bare. Now we have organic ice cream!

I have gained a few pounds, which started when I couldn't exercise due to having a half inch piece of hard wood floor embedded in my big toe for 10 days. I didn't know for sure that something was still in there after pulling out the first two pieces that were sticking out of it. I had gotten up from the chair I am sitting in now, and when I stood up, I pushed my foot into loose splinters. I did not know hard wood floors could do such a thing! My husband dug around in my toe with tweezers, but the remaining piece was too deep to be found. My doctor was my hero the day he removed the "thorn", like the mouse did from the paw of the lion.

I need to get back on track. I have made a lot of progress with ordering my house this summer, but it requires constant vigilance to keep up. We haven't taken any vacations, money is tight, and I just want to be healthy and free of itching! I know this will pass, and these have really been only minor inconveniences. There is no agenda for today, which is how it has been since I got sick. "What should we do today?" is the question. It's discouraging not to feel an energizing hum of purpose to my days. My huband wants to go back out to the garage sales along 127, and I want to make it to Mass this evening. Sometimes you just have to get started. Do what needs to be done. Take the day one moment at a time. Energy can just get blocked, and we have to pull our boots out of the mud to release it, before we get mired. How do you get unstuck? Maybe my readers will be so gracious as to share with me how you get your wheels turning again, and I can write a post with the answers!

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