Saturday, August 17, 2013

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I think I will be writing on this topic of the singular, French enjoyment of living for a long time to come. Joie de vivre encompasses everything--how and what we eat, and what dishes we use to eat upon; the size of our wardrobe and what's in it; the little details that make life simple but rich, as in, full of deep meaning; the way we live and communicate with others; even how we worship God. I want to savor this journey, slowly taking in each morsel. I am not just writing about it; I am living it. I want to share my discoveries and experiences with you.

But I don't want to be on the computer all day writing and editing, and I don't want you to be on here reading terribly long articles! I also don't want to spend a lot of time posting every article to all the various groups to which I belong. So please take the time now to sign up as a follower and submit your email address for notification of new posts from my blog. If you have not been following the series so far, it begins with the article "Joie de Vivre". If you enjoy what I write, please share my blog with friends. I'd love to form a community dedicated to this way of life. Also, please make your comments directly on the blog so everyone can read them, rather than only those in certain groups on Facebook. I have readers from all over the world! What do those of you who are French think about all of this?

I received my two pairs of Kohl's shoes from online today. Both pairs of ballet flats are tres adorable! But comfort is also very important to me, and good quality. The black, faux patent leather flats are from Hush Puppies, and they feel supportive. The purple, faux velvet ones from Elle don't offer any support. Will my feet hurt from wearing them? They are obviously of a lower quality than the Hush Puppies. Decisions like these are small but important, when you want to have and wear only the best! That leads to the topic of my next post, which will explore the cost of high quality. Until then, take a walk in the sunshine, and don't forget to sign up to follow Organic Mothering! Together we will discover la petite pleasures of life...

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