Wednesday, April 24, 2013


We have had no less than three kinds of weather where I live today--rain, snow, and now sunshine! April is confused. My spring perennials are nevertheless hard core. They have withstood this fickle season with nary a wilted petal. What an inspiration the delicate crocus, fragrant hyacinth, and cheerful daffodil have been! The tulip will also surely persevere.

So as I sit here with one of my big toe nails partially ripped out (the occasional result of a hereditary fungal sickness, I'm afraid), I know better than to complain about the weather. I know I live in NW Ohio, and this is the way it is. There is a reason that our growing zone is not off frost alert and cleared for planting until May 15. My bulbous spring beauties pay no mind to the whims of Mother Nature--they come up on their own terms and brave whatever she dishes out, and in their Sunday best at that. They prove that spring has indeed arrived, and they remind me that a woman can be soft and sweet and still tough as nails (no pun intended).

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