Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Wildly Rewarding Life

The best way to become a saint is to live life to the fullest—to have an Eternally fulfilling and wildly rewarding life here on earth, doing the things you are most passionate about and doing them in a way that brings satisfaction and true joy to you and those around you, while also bringing glory to God.

— from Answer Your Call

I get these "minute meditations" in my inbox every day, and this one really struck me. The reason I feel called to unschooling and the Charlotte Mason method, I think, is the desire to live a passionate life. If our homeschooling methods do not bring us and our children joy, they are the wrong methods. Maybe not for someone else, but for us. Can you even imagine having a "wildly rewarding" life?  What would it look like?

In 1990 I traveled to Paris, France with my parents. I had dinner one night in front of the Sacred Heart Cathedral. My dad had toured the inside on a day that I went to a museum. He was blown away by its beauty and described it in such detail that I have always felt like I saw it myself. Maybe one day I will.

Sacre Coeur, Paris, France


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