Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Break

At our homeschool we are finally taking a spring break. My mother-in-law made her annual visit from New Mexico this week, but earlier than usual, in order to be here for Beezy's First Communion. Despite not doing any formal schooling activities, we have been very busy, and much learning has been accomplished. Before Grandma arrived, Beezy's religious education class rehearsed for First Communion and practiced a special song the children will sing. It has six verses, so I brought a copy home to show Beezy how to follow the song. They will have the lyrics to read while singing, so we worked on some of the unfamiliar words. She missed last week because of having a tooth pulled, so I am catching her up. She also missed making a name banner for our family's pew for the First Communion Mass. Luckily Grandma is a retired art teacher, and the two of them worked on the banner for hours, and it is gorgeous!

Tomorrow morning there is a 4-H cake decorating workshop, so Beezy and her dad made the butter cream frosting for that. We took Grandma on an excursion yesterday to see some new shops in town, and I found a Hurlbut's Story of the Bible from 1904 with beautiful color and black-and-white illustrations at our flower shop's antique annex. Beezy has played her piano numbers for an upcoming recital for her grandma, so she is keeping up with her practice.

Grandma brought us bundles of sage from her garden. She is enjoying the perennial flowers in our yard, and I was right, the tulips too are fiercely blossoming despite the unseasonably chilly weather. Relationships are what matter most in an unschooling approach to life and learning. Memories gathered and treasured like homegrown herbs lovingly bound with string. Fragrant, simple, and delicious.

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