Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Ides of the March

Let me say upfront that I'm feeling very clever about the title of this post right now! I rarely write about politics or current news events, but I realize that I have a responsibility to do so. Organic Mothering typically receives 7,000 to 9,000 views per month, and while I'm sure that's nothing compared to Matt Walsh's stats, it's nothing to sneeze at either.

God gave me both an opinionated personality and a gift with words. I owe it to Him to stop being so quiet about things that really matter, and to start doing what he created me to do. I have realized lately how much my need for other people's approval has dampened my spirit, to the point that I actually checked a book out of the library called Approval Addiction. In our current liberal, severely left-wing, socialist culture (which is truly the hallmark of Barack Obama's legacy), if one is not a perfect parrot of political correctness, one is booed, hissed, and stoned to death. It's actually deliciously rebellious to be a traditional American and Christian right now, not to mention a pro-life woman. When I was a teenager, my dad told me that my big mouth would get me in trouble some day. I sincerely hope he's right!

So on to this "women's march". I was at my grandma's on Sunday to celebrate her 89th birthday. I don't have TV reception at my house, so I normally would not have seen anything of the march's shenanigans. Thanks be to God that while Grandma's TV was turned on, the sound was off. And thank goodness it was a spring-like day and my 12-year-old daughter was playing outside much of the time, because I wouldn't have been prepared for the rated-R program happening on CNN. 

It looked like Ashley Judd was rapping, so on Monday I just had to find the youtube video. She recited a slam poem written by a 19-year-old that sounded like it was written by a 19-year-old. So painfully awful, both content-wise and artistically, it literally made me cry. Madonna's dancing had been cut off by commercials, so I wanted to see that and hear her sing. What she said, her singing voice, even the dancing--a train wreck from every angle. Both of these ladies spouted virtually nothing but obscenity and low-brow entertainment. What valid claims of injustice against women these celebrities might have made were drowned out in vulgarity and crude images. Scarlett Johansson's lackluster defense (and what other kind of defense could there be?) of Planned Parenthood belied the general ignorance regarding this institution begun by Margaret Sanger, a woman whose most ardent desire was to use abortion to eradicate the black race from the face of the earth. And let's not pretend that that's no longer part of the agenda. Incidentally, Live Action revealed proof just today that Planned Parenthood does not in reality offer prenatal care, as insisted by its president, Cecil Richards--a married woman who aborted her 4th baby simply because she thought three children was enough. 

Some pictures and stories of the spectacle that I saw--"pussy hats", vagina costumes, acts of aggression, lewd signs, mostly naked bodies--it all adds up to childishness, indecency, social dysfunction and depravity. What a lost opportunity to forward the legitimate needs and issues of women! But we have to keep in mind that many of these women, especially the young, have simply been misguided and deceived. They sincerely believe the propaganda. They need to know the truth, and we women and men of grace are called upon to give it to them. We need to respectfully listen to their side of things, and then as kindly as possible guide them in the right direction.

This march was advertised as a support for women's issues--a thinly veiled deception, as the agenda was clearly an anti-Trump, anti-democracy, pro-abortion, pro-nasty-woman rally. A pro-life feminist group originally allowed co-sponsorship of the march was kicked to the curb, so clearly this event was not intended to support the interests and concerns of all women. The human rights of unborn females, the most marginalized and vulnerable of all, were not given a voice. No matter how you frame the picture, it's hypocrisy at its best. 

Well, we have another march coming up this Friday, January 27--the annual March for Life. I for one can't wait to witness the contrast between this march and the march madness (I did it again!) of three days ago. We have seen the pitiful desperation and phony "revolution of love" that we are dealing with. In two days they will see what real women look like and how they behave. 

That is, if the mainstream media covers it. But considering that they have consistently failed to do so year after year, I'm not betting on it. The March for Life is of similar size and scope, in D.C., nationwide and worldwide, as the so-called women's march, but I'd bet you my house that it won't get the same all-day, all-night coverage. You can watch live streaming of the March for Life at

Dear readers, let's flood social media with the March for Life. Fill every crevice you can with notices that this is happening. Link to every online article and video you can get your hands on to show as many people as possible that the pro-life movement is a force to be reckoned with. We must be silent no longer. Be charitable with your foes, but don't be afraid to be loud. Don't mince words. Call a spade a spade. This is a spiritual battle, and Satan is the sponsor of the mayhem--the malevolent spirit behind that abominable march, Planned Parenthood, and the false representation of the dignity of women. This is not the time for diplomacy. You might even say this is war. 

There is hope. I heard just today that the House of Representatives has passed the motion to make permanent the Hyde Amendment. So we have our first pro-life victory of this new administration. We will celebrate every achievement great or small. We know that Justice will win in the end, that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. Let's make the time now. 

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