Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 Flashback

I finally got my photos moved from the camera to the laptop! My casual fashion looks from fall could still be used for winter, with a change of shoes and additional layers, perhaps. At any rate, I had promised you, so better late than never! Perhaps these will give you some ideas for looking ahead to spring, or work for those readers living in warmer lands...

Here is my nine year old daughter, Beezy, and I on the American side of Niagara Falls in July, after being detained at Canada's Immigration Office. Husband thought the Falls would be better on that side, but we had no identification for our child! It was a scary experience, and we were never so grateful to be back in our own country.

prescription Polaroid sunglasses
filigree gold hoop earrings, Peebles
Ann Taylor Loft tank with lace trim

Beezy was my photographer for the pictures to follow, taken early in the fall. I think she does a great job!

French terry sweatshirt, Style & Co., Macy's
Anthropologie lounge pants, Ebay
Skechers sandals
silver and pearl Rosary bracelet, Ebay
Our Lady of Grace medal on gold chain

 Ann Taylor Loft blouse, Ebay
Anthropologie leggings, Ebay

Minnetonka soft sole moccasins

 sleeveless t-shirt, Simply Vera,
Old Navy jean jacket, thrifted
denim shorts, thrifted
vintage necklace
silver filigree hoop earrings, Peebles
thrifted red purse
black patent flats, Famous Footwear

sleeveless abstract print t-shirt, Simply Vera,
short-sleeved empire waist sweater, consignment shop
cherry red ankle jeans, Simply Vera,
peep toe clogs, Bass outlet
gold hoops, religious medal necklace, & sunglasses previously pictured