Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Wardrobe Update

To get back to the cultivation of the essential wardrobe, how is your daily style working now that we are in the heart of winter? I eventually brought the remainder of my cold weather clothes down from the attic and mercilessly sorted through each piece, sending many more items to the charity thrift store. I can honestly stay that I'm pleased with what's in my dresser and closet. I also have an antique cupboard with shelves inside in which I store pajamas, long underwear, and work out/dance class clothes. I went through the cupboard this week and now need to make another trip to give away what no longer fits well on my body or in my life, or is simply past its prime. I still had dance clothes from 2002!!

With all I have sent on its way, I was surprised to find that my closet and dresser are still completely full. Of course, I have purchased and been given additional items, and naturally winter clothing is bulkier than summer and takes up more space. I am keeping a close eye on those items I gravitate toward most often, and I have no doubt that by the end of winter there will be a few more pieces that I will bid farewell.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts are fringed Minnetonka moccasins (#532). We typically have a no-shoes-in-the-house rule, but the hardwood floors are too cold for just socks, and these moccasins are so much more comfortable and cuter than wearing slippers. Some days they never leave my feet!

Slowly but surely, it's all coming together. When the sun doesn't shine and there hasn't been any fresh snow for awhile, it's easy to feel as blah and grey as it appears outside. Looking forward to getting dressed can be just the inspiration you need to add a touch of color to your days and put a little spring in your step! I'm already thinking about rain boots...